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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47MM - Samsung

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47MM By Samsung
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47MM By Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47MM By Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47MM

Product by Samsung
Ksh. 64,995
Price was: Ksh. 80,000.00 (Save Ksh 15,005.00)
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Product Description

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic price in Kenya, Features, Description ;

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic price in Kenya is Ksh 64,995/=. Order it from Kenyatronics today and enjoy a record 2 hour Home & office delivery for Nairobi, Next-day countrywide.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic KEY FEATURES:

Display: Sapphire Crystal

Screen Size: 47MM

Battery : (typical) 425mAh 300mAh-Fast Charge

Sleep Tracking,Cycle Tracking

Infrared Temperature Sensor

Weight: 59.0g | 52.0g

Durability: 5ATM+IP68/ MIL-STD-810H

Material: Stainless Steel

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic Description

Display: Sapphire Crystal

On a 20% bigger display, take in improved images and crisp motion graphics. A more aesthetically pleasing display-to-bezel ratio is produced by the 15% narrower bezel and larger screen, which also provides more room for taps and swipes.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic features a captivating display protected by a sturdy sapphire crystal. This stunning 37.3mm or 33.3mm screen (depending on the variant) offers vivid colors and sharp details, providing a visually immersive experience whether you're checking notifications or tracking your workouts.Additionally, the finishing is IP68 and 5ATM rated, allowing you to use your watch during all of your excursions.

Regardless of the weather, I'm prepared. The watch display is resilient and strong thanks to the ultra-durable Sapphire Crystal glass, and thanks to the IP68 and 5ATM classifications, your watch is robust enough to travel with you on your excursions.

 Embrace the timeless elegance of a classic. The compact spinning bezel on the Galaxy Watch6 Classic, which was modeled after the iconic shape of diving watches, brings history into the present with more fluid, responsive scrolling for natural contact with the screen. Additionally, the circular frame is made of elegant stainless steel to elevate every glance at the clock.

Battery Life and Fast Charge
Never worry about running out of battery during your daily adventures. The Galaxy Watch6 Classic comes equipped with a reliable 425mAh battery (300mAh in some variants) that ensures extended usage on a single charge. Moreover, its fast-charging capability allows you to power up the watch swiftly and conveniently, making it an ideal companion for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Sleep Tracking and Cycle Tracking
Understanding your sleep patterns is essential for overall well-being. With advanced sleep tracking, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic helps you gain valuable insights into your sleep quality, duration, and disturbances. Additionally, it offers cycle tracking, a valuable feature for women to monitor their menstrual cycles and support their health goals.

Infrared Temperature Sensor
Monitoring your body temperature has never been easier. The Galaxy Watch6 Classic features an infrared temperature sensor, enabling you to keep track of your body's temperature variations and stay proactive about your health and wellness.

Lightweight and Durable
Weighing just 59.0g or 52.0g (depending on the model), the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is designed to offer exceptional comfort for extended wear. Additionally, its impressive durability, rated at 5ATM+IP68 and MIL-STD-810H, ensures that the watch can withstand dust, water, and extreme conditions, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts.

 Premium Stainless Steel Construction
Exuding elegance and sophistication, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic is crafted with premium stainless steel. This not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its durability, ensuring it remains a long-lasting and stylish companion.

How To Maximise ,Use the Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic

To improve the quality of your sleep, get complete sleep tracking with improved analysis and deeper insights. To develop healthier sleeping habits, you can now access Sleep Coaching on your Galaxy Watch6 Classic. By switching to the Fabric Band, you may wear your watch to bed and get a good night's rest. Put your watch in sleep mode to mute alerts, convert the green PPG sensor LED to an invisible infrared LED, and modify the display brightness.

Reduce your concerns with a heart monitoring bundle that gives you comfort so you can pay attention to your day. While wearing your Galaxy Watch6 Classic, the integrated PPG sensor regularly measures your heart rate and heart rhythm and notifies you if it is too high or too low. If it notices an irregular heartbeat, it will also alert you and ask you to get an ECG to look at your heart rhythm more closely.

 If you've fallen, Fall Detection will issue an Emergency SOS if you need assistance. When assistance arrives, you can give emergency responders access to your medical information by pressing a button on the lock screen.

Your watch can evaluate your level of fitness to determine your own HR Zone. You can manually set the objective if you wish to aim for a specific HR zone. You'll receive a warning when you enter your desired HR Zone during exercise, whether it's for fat loss, cardio, or high-intensity training. When you step outside of the zone, it will inform you as well, allowing you to alter your effort.

With the Galaxy Watch6 Classic, learn insightful details about your advancement and accomplishments. To log your daily activities and track your progress, you can choose from over 90 different routines or even design your own. You may go from warm-up mode to beast mode by activating auto detect for certain workouts like running, walking, and now cycling.

 Right from your Galaxy Watch6 Classic, access Samsung Wallet. Pay bills, use the bus or train, scan membership cards, and more. To lessen your load and empty your pockets, you can even keep non-payment goods like digital identification cards, tickets, and keys.

Customize your Galaxy Watch6 Classic appearance. Depending on your mood, pick from a large selection of bands to transform your appearance from casual to elegant. Create a stylish watch face or add complexities to it to swiftly access your preferred apps.

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