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Oppo A98 5G 6.72" 8GB RAM 256GB ROM - Oppo

  • Oppo A98 5G 6.72" 8GB RAM 256GB ROM By Oppo
  • Oppo A98 5G 6.72" 8GB RAM 256GB ROM By Oppo
Oppo A98 5G 6.72" 8GB RAM 256GB ROM By Oppo

Oppo A98 5G 6.72" 8GB RAM 256GB ROM

Product by Oppo
Ksh. 44,995
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Product Description

Oppo A98 price in Kenya, Features and specifications;

Oppo A98 price in Kenya is Ksh 44,995/=. Order it from Kenyatronics today and enjoy a record 2 hour Home & office delivery for Nairobi, Next-day countrywide.


Display: 6.72 inch, IPS LCD, 120Hz


Storage: 256GB

Battery: 5,000 mAh

Camera: 64MP + 2MP+ 2MP

Selfie: 32MP

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G

Connectivity: Dual sim, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi

Colors: Cool Black, Dreamy Blue, Bold Gold

OS: Android 13, ColorOS 13.1

Oppo A98 Description


Supercharge your day

A charging speed that will make your head spin. Quickly charge your phone up to 50% in 18 minutes, the time you need for a coffee break. And in 44 minutes you have a fully charged phone, ready for hours of calling, working and entertainment.

Charging in 44 minutes


Charging in 5 minutes

6 hours of calling³

5000mAh large battery⁴

The battery that keeps on giving

This large, robust battery keeps you going all day, no matter what your day looks like. Text, calls, streaming and gaming - with a 5000mAh capacity, your phone is there for you, from morning to night, and even longer.

to call

39 hours⁵


4 p.m.⁵

Battery Health Engine⁶

In the long run

It's like having a battery expert living in your phone. The patented OPPO Battery Health Engine doubles battery life to four years or more by carefully monitoring your phone's charging process and keeping the battery in top condition.

With BHE

Intelligent charging control to minimize dead lithium build-up

Without BHE

Reduced battery capacity due to the build-up of dead lithium


1600 charging cycles (theoretical value)

RAM expansion⁷

Look at all that space!

8GB RAM and the Smart RAM Expansion software instantly free up extra computing power to deliver a smooth experience as you multitask between the apps and games on your phone.


8GB + up to 8GB RAM expansion

Up to 1TB additional storage space⁸

Snapdragon™ 5G SoC from Qualcomm®⁹

The dragon that slays

Boost your apps in an instant, but without consuming a lot of power. Advanced low power 6nm process technology ensures less energy consumption no matter how you use your phone.

Support for Sub-6 + mmWave

Up to 2.5 Gbps download speed

48 months Fluency Protection 10

Like it's forever!

Four years of fluency - that's epic! Celebrate long, beautiful years of effortlessly swiping back and forth between your apps, music, and games, and enjoy a smooth, out-of-the-box experience.


Vibrant colors

Cool Black for the strong, hip you. With a nod to the style of high-quality watches, which sparkles and radiates.

Cool Black for the strong, hip you. With a nod to the style of high-quality watches, which sparkles and radiates.

Cool Black


Flow with The Glow

The OPPO Glow design brings a beautiful galaxy to your phone, inspiring awe and attracting attention. Not only beautiful to look at, the smooth glossy surface is also resistant to fingerprints, scratches and wear. The 3D curved back fits your hand like a glove for a comfortable, secure grip.

OPPO's lasting quality 11

Best in class

This phone is like a student who graduated with honors in literally everything, scoring top marks on hundreds and hundreds of quality tests. Reliability? Check. Drop tests? Check. Durability of buttons? Check. And so it goes on to offer you a reliable phone with lasting quality.


stress tests for the power button


stress tests for the USB connection


micro drop tests


squeeze tests with a force of 25 kg




120Hz ultra-high refresh rate 12

Such a smoothie!

The 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate makes your screen move at super-fast speeds, so what you see looks simply smooth and amazing. But it stays cool with a 6-level adaptive framerate for low power consumption and maximum visual impact.

*Image for illustration purposes.

Hits all the high notes

OPPO A98 5G is a virtuoso, with a high screen resolution, high pixel density and high color saturation for a clear, accurate display. In direct sunlight, the screen brightness can reach up to 680 nits outdoors, so you can even surf and stream in very bright light.


inch screen size 13


refresh rate


screen-to-body ratio 13


screen resolution

100% DCI-P3

color range

Dual stereo speakers

Surround yourself with sound

Your ears will love stereo sound that's louder, clearer and completely immersive. Games feel more real, while videos and music sound bigger and better.

Ultra Volume Mode 2.0

Turn up the volume

With one press of the volume button you can increase the sound on your phone by up to 200%. Ringtones, notifications and media play loud and clear through the phone speaker, with adjustment settings to keep the treble rich and full.


Ultra-sharp imaging system

A phone with four cameras means fantastic photos with a guaranteed wow effect. Unleash your visual creativity, dive deep into the micro-world or zoom out for the big picture.

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