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COLMI P68 Smartwatch - Xiaomi

  • COLMI P68 Smartwatch By Xiaomi
  • COLMI P68 Smartwatch By Xiaomi
  • COLMI P68 Smartwatch By Xiaomi
  • COLMI P68 Smartwatch By Xiaomi
COLMI P68 Smartwatch By Xiaomi

COLMI P68 Smartwatch

Product by Xiaomi
Ksh. 5,495
Price was: Ksh. 7,100.00 (Save Ksh 1,605.00)
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Product Description

COLMI P68 price in Kenya, Features and description;

COLMI P68 price in Kenya is Ksh 5,495/=. Order it from Kenyatronics today and enjoy a record 2 hour Home & office delivery for Nairobi, Next-day countrywide.


AMOLED screen: COLMI P68 adopts a 2.04-inch AMOELD screen, with super large number of pixels, widescreen display, and a better experience.
 Super chip: COLMI P68 uses RTL8763E as the main chip, the chip is fully upgraded, the operation speed is faster, and the performance is higher and stronger.
 Super thin and light: COLMI P68 is as thin and light as you like, only 39g in weight. It is comfortable to wear and more secure to use

COLMI P68 Description

Big screen

COLMI P68 adopts a 2.04-inch super large screen, coupled with the AMOELD screen design, double protection, and the picture is clearer.

Arc design

It adopts the 2.5D arc design concept, which makes the shell touch smoother, more exquisite and beautiful, and more convenient and comfortable to use.

Silicone strap

COLMI P68 uses silicone material to make the strap, which supports changing the strap at any time and adjusting the length of the strap arbitrarily.

Feel smart life

Make life more convenient and intelligent


Always on screen

COLMI P68 has a unique AOD always-on function, which can turn on the screen at any time during use, saving more power.

Bluetooth call

COLMI P68 has a built-in microphone and speaker, and has a dial pad to make calls at any time with clear sound quality.

Calculation function

COLMI P68 includes a calculator function, which can support addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations, which is very convenient in life.

Healthy lifestyle

Always pay attention to the physical condition

Heart rate measurement

COLMI P68 supports 24-hour heart rate measurement function, which can provide early warning of heart rate, and will remind you when it reaches the peak value.

Sleep measurement

COLMI P68 has a sleep measurement function, which can pay attention to your sleep situation, effectively improve sleep quality, and let you fall asleep easily.

Breathing training

COLMI P68 has a breathing training function, which can follow the rhythm of the watch for inhalation and exhalation training to adjust the breathing state.

Smart sports

Enjoy sports moments

Sports mode

COLMI P68 has a variety of sports modes. After connecting to the APP, you can push sports and choose your favorite sports at any time.

Record data

COLMI P68 adopts a high-precision recording instrument, which can accurately record sports data and be your personal personal trainer.

APP connection

After the COLMI P68 is connected to the APP, you can view a variety of sports data and generate sports data reports to make sports analysis more reliable.

Check the weather

Support to check the weather conditions, making it easier to go out

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